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Judul:what the duck | pree x rambo || what about love
Durasi:2 mnt 48 dtk
Dipublikasikan:04 Mei 2018
Di Upload Oleh:jay mahealinski

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PAIRING: Pree x Rambo
SHOW: What the duck the series
SONG: What about us

I wanted to make this video after some discussions with some people. I just realised that the fandom is divided like in #teampree and #teamrambo, what i call bulls**t. Talking about the series, people seems to think that their relationship ended all just because one of them, being it because of Pree or Rambo. But the thing is: both of them is to blame. Their story was like a series of mistakes and bad events that none of them knew how to handle. They were angry and they were hurt, and they didn't know how to sit and talk. Actually, it was painful to watch. I wanted to tie both of them to a chair and make them have a f*ing conversation, but yeah, things went from bad to worse real quickly.
I don't know what i hope for season 2, honestly. From the middle to the end, they relationship was really toxic in which one seemed to not care at all, and the other seemed to care so much that it was dragging him to a terrible world. I only hope that in season 2 the writers stop the soap opera drama and give them actual development.


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