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Judul:Daughter of Arunachal politician is seeking justice for her father’s “murder”
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Dear PM Modi,

I am Ngurang Reena from Arunachal Pradesh and I am writing this letter with immense pain and grief. Today, I am writing to you as a disheartened citizen and as a grieving daughter who has just lost her father. I write on behalf of the nine daughters and sons that have been left behind tormented over our father’s murder. They say, when decisions become arbitrary, all accountability is lost and today, I have lost confidence in all the institutions on which I can rely for justice. Hence, I write this letter to you, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

I lost my father last November, he was murdered. And I am seeking answers to his death and I am demanding justice for my father’s death. He had gone for a rafting expedition on an invitation by his friends and had left from home on the 17th morning. He had no clue how many people and who were to join for the expedition and it was only on his arrival at the spot he learned they were twenty one of them (including him). The group consisted of ex-ministers, government employees, one police personnel, two state recognized criminals, four of his clan brothers’ (including the rafting guide) and seven young school/college girls. Since then, I have left no stones unturned to seek an answer to his mysterious death. After long eight months of persistence- giving incessant interviews, publishing stories and reaching out to your office, the President and The MOS State Kiren Rijuju, I had the urge to give up, I was exasperated. I felt like the country didn’t care about the helpless and voiceless. But last month when the Arunachal government headed our appeals and transferred my father’s case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), I breathe a sigh of relief. Now my family and I are awaiting confirmation from the CBI, on whether they will take up the case.

My family and I pushed for a CBI investigation because we don’t have faith on the local administration. Arunachal is a failed state, there is lawlessness and an alarming degree of inefficient police system. Crime rates have reached its peak and many unaccounted deaths have happened in the past as well, with no answers. The Special Investigation team (SIT) that was constituted to lead my father’s case was an utter failure, they failed in making any arrests or probe, despite having twenty witnesses/suspects.

My father late Ngurang Pinch died too young, he was just fifty three. He had given forty years of his life in politics, he was popularly known as a public leader than a politician. At the time of his death, he was the Chairman of the Agriculture Marketing Board (APAMB) and a BJP party in-charge and coordinator for Kurung Kumey district, Arunachal.

His political journey began at a grass-root level, from having nothing to achieving accolades. He began his journey as an Anchal Samity Member (ASM) from 1987-1992, Then he went on to become the Zila Parishad Member in the year 1992-1997 thereafter, in the year 1992-1996 he was the President DCC (I) Papum Pare District.

Later, he became the Congress President District Papum Pare, AP from 1996-2000. During the 2004 general elections, my father proved his efficacy and his leadership to the state by winning the seat from the 14th Doimukh constituency as an MLA and subsequently, he was also made the Sports Chairman (2004). Losing out on the 2009 general elections by only 150 votes, he was sad, but he did not lose hope. He became the NCP’s General Secretary and State President (2009-2010) with a close friendship with the late Member of Parliament P.A. Sangma. In the last two decades, though not in power he was loved and respected by his public. Therefore he worked hard to come back for 2019 assembly elections.

Sir, my father gave all his life for public work, in his political tenure, he was a giver, an honest leader and a hardworking father and above all a great visionary. He worked hard to bring innovative ideas in his work field and he imparted good knowledge and lessons to his children. He did not deserve such tragic death, no one does. My family and I have all the right to know the reasons of his death.

Through this letter, I am only pressing for an independent and a fair investigation on my father’s death.

Pease help my family and my state, before it’s too late and please help us because my father was a good man, a hardworking father and a benevolent citizen of this country, who dedicated his entire life for the public of Arunachal. My family and I repose our faith on you and on the constitution of this country, hoping that we will get justice soon.

Ngurang Reena


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